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The Visually Impaired In America

The Visually Ompaired in America

According to the Tri-County Association For The Blind (TCAB), there are over 16 millions visually impaired in America.

They also say that every 5 seconds someone goes blind anywhere in the world.

Tri-Count Association For The Blind
We are sure that number is increasing every single year because most of the people doing this website has family members that may have low vision but they haven’t been checked yet, so that happens everywhere.
So as you can imagine, all of us low vision people have our dreams and hopes and would love to see a world where we matter more, where we count more, where in every store we are assisted because they care for us and want to reach out for our community as well.

If you are a business owner, HELP our community now, just email us and find out ways to help us.

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