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Inspiring Movies

Here we will mention the movies we consider, fun, optimistic, moving with a message, some will talk about blindness in an inspiring way, others will bring a smile to our face by showing a happy ending to a complicated plot and others will make us think deep about life and certain issues.

Movie: Hitch
Year: 2005
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Cast: Will Smith, Kevin James (from the TV Series King of Queens) and Eva Mendes.
Plot: Will's character is like a "Dating Doctor" and he will help Kevin's character gets the girl of his dreams while Will meets his dream girl as well.
LowvisionBureau.com team Comment:
A great romantic comedy with wonderful views of The Big Apple, it is funny, real, very upbeat and energetic. we give it a ten because we spent an awesome time watching it and leaves a great taste and a great smile, is what movies should be always when you want entertainment and fun with a positive, optimistic message.
Learn more about this movie, see trailers and read the comments others have posted at the largest Movie Database Online at: IMDB Movie Database http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0386588/
NOTE: We are not movie critics neither we want to try to become one, but we have low vision and we believe in feeding the spirit with upbeat movies and we and our low vision community members will recommend fun movies for others to enjoy.

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